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Beginning on January 15th 2009, Blueberry guitars will be selling 15 of our finest hand-made and hand-carved guitars each month on eBay auctions. Each guitar will be online for viewing for 10 days, will have a starting price of 1$ and will be sold to the highest bidder.

Examples of our current Blueberry guitar models that will be on auction include brand new Dreadnoughts, Grand Concerts, Parlors, 12-strings, Classicals, Jumbos, Grooves, and Groove Hybrids. The solid woods that we are using include Mahogany, Bali Temple Wood, Balinese Koa, Rosewood, White Angel Wood, Tasmanian Black Wood, Walnut, Cherry, Ebony, Cedar and Spruce.

Each guitar offered for auction is covered by the Blueberry lifetime warranty and each guitar will be delivered in a Blueberry hard shell case with a humidifier. A seven day “no questions asked” full refund policy is in place.

Shipping charge for USA and Canada is $75.00 USD - all other international destinations will be charged $150.00 USD for transport - duties and taxes are not included outside of USA and Canada.

For more information about Blueberry Guitar Auctions, free left-handed conversions or our “test drive a Blueberry Guitar” program, please write to or call 514-333-3390.


Sept 10 - 20
Oct 8 - 18
Nov 12 - 22
Dec 10 - 20

To all future Blueberry Guitar owners and auction enthusiasts, we assure you that we will always maintain a 100% customer satisfaction policy and we look forward to welcoming you as Blueberry Customers.

In order to view the items on auction – go to our ONLINE STORE once the auction has started – guitars that are up for action will be seen in a highlighted rectangle with the current bid price – in order to bid, please register with eBay and follow their instructions.


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What people are saying

If it hard to compare this guitar to another brand. It is so unique in sound and beauty - there is nothing to compare it to!
~ Ebay Customer