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I got the guitars today. They sound incredible. I cannot believe the volume.  In all fairness your guitar is worth more than you are marketing it for. 
~North Carolina

The guitar literally just sings, great bass response, ringing trebles and a nice even balance across the strings. Very bright and clear and light as a feather. I am favorably impressed with the tone and intonation (which is as perfect as I’ve seen) of any instrument. This guitar also has great sustain. This guitar can play it all? the blues, jazz, country? Very versatile and responsive. It really has a “right now” kind of response to it and the midrange is very percussive sounding.
~ Texas

How often do you get to actually talk to the owner,founder and maker of a guitar company. Danny Fonfeder is a great guy to talk to. He will tell you every thing you need to know and truly has a passion for his Blueberry guitars. This guitar is nothing short of spectacular to look at and sounds as good as it looks. If it were stolen, Oh yeah…I would replace it.
~ Texas

It it hard to compare this guitar to another brand. It is so unique in sound and beauty – there is nothing to compare it to!  

Guitar is AMAZING in both sight and sound. Excellent service and communication!  

I think I’m in love with this guitar… Thanks so much.  

I don’t know how it could be better, simply amazing. 

Incredible guitar much better than ever dreamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I don’t know how it could be better, simply amazing.   

Guitar is AMAZING in both sight and sound.

Most incredible co, I have ever dealt with Will buy more and more 

Incredible guitar. Would expect to pay 3 times as much!  Thank You!!!

Unique and wonderful sounding guitar.  Thanks 

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What people are saying

Incredible guitar. Would expect to pay 3 times as much! Thank You!!!

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