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Blueberry Guitars Profiled By Premier Guitar at Summer NAMM 2008

Blueberry Launch Event: Discover the history of the name "Blueberry" and watch a demonstration of the intricate hand carving that makes each guitar so special.

Nashville Sessions: Hear what Nashville session players have to say about the Blueberry.

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Blueberry up-close: See the handcrafted beauty of Blueberry Guitars.

Little Texas - America's Favorite Rockin' Country Band:Blueberry Guitars, handmade, hand carved is pleased to be associated with Little Texas. More about Little Texas...

Photo Slideshow: See and hear the the unmatched craftsmanship of Blueberry guitars.

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It it hard to compare this guitar to another brand. It is so unique in sound and beauty - there is nothing to compare it to!
~ Ebay Customer