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New Distributor in Brazil

Blueberry Guitars is pleased to announce that our guitars are now available in Brazil, via our new Brazilian distributor and accomplished musician, Daniel Figueiredo. If you are in Brazil and would like more information, please contact Daniel at the address below.

Blueberry Guitars tem o prazer de anunciar que nossas guitarras ja estao disponiveis no Brasil, atraves do nosso novo distribuidor brasileiro e musico, Daniel Figueiredo. Se voce estiver no Brasil e que voce gostaria de mais informacoes, entre em contato com Daniel no seguinte endereco.

Tel: 55-21-98708-4362
Email: daniel@danielfigueiredo.com.br
Web: www.danielfigueiredo.com.br


Here is Zeev Nehama of the Israeli supergroup Ethnix with his new Blueberry electric guitar. To learn more about Ethnix, visit their official Facebook page

Leela Gilday

Here is award winning Canadian Singer Songwriter Leela Gilday from the Dene Nation based in Yelllowknife playing her new Blueberry Eagle Dreadnought guitar on stage in New York. All of us at Blueberry wish you continued success, Leela.

You can learn more about Leela Gilday and her music by visiting her Facebook page and official website at www.leelagilday.com

New Hit from Rick Monroe

Rick Monroe's latest single, Just The Same, was released on MRG Recordings and is now quickly becoming a hit in the United States. Watch Rick's music video on YouTube

Making Music Magazine

Blueberry Guitars is very proud to have made it into Making Music Magasine's "Most Beautiful Instruments 2013" edition. View the article and see the editor's picks here!

Beautiful Angelina Cover

Watch John play "Angelina", a magnificent acoustic instrumental composed by Tommy Emmanuel, Australian guitar virtuoso, and dedicated to his youngest daughter. Click here to watch!

Stormy by Soddy Bottoms

This is a great original acoustic blues piece by American recording artist Soddy Bottoms called "Stormy". Played on his Blueberry Lefty Grand Concert Groove guitar. Take a listen!

Nima Ranjbar

Here is a really excellent classical performance by Nima Ranjbar playing his custom made Blueberry classical guitar with Alaskan spruce top and Balinese Koa back and sides. This is Nima's first filmed performance and we hope he sends us many more. Click here to watch!

Rick Monroe: New video

Watch Rick Monroe perform his new single "Crazy Not To" on his custom Jagermeister Blueberry. Watch here!

Ivette Meow

Here is the amazingly talented Ivette Meow with her custom Blueberry
"Jack Frost" Grand Concert Guitar. Listen to her fantastic new album
"Girl With A Squirrel" at this link.

Kevin Charles

Watch Kevin Charles perform a tribute to Johnny Cash on Nashville's Shotgun Red Variety Show. His signature song, "Tell The Man in Black".

Jon Sherling

Here is a fantastic song by Blueberry owner, Jon Sherling, called "Doldrums" - recorded Monday night. Great song, Jon, you sound great, thanks for sharing! Listen here.

Rick Monroe & Render Records

All of us at Blueberry extend our warmest congratulations to Rick Monroe on signing an exclusive recording contract with Nashville's Render Records as their first country artist. Read the full story here...

Dale Boyle

Check out the great Montreal recording artist Dale Boyle playing his song In My Time of Dyin' on a Blueberry Dreadnought Groove guitar. Have a great weekend everyone!

Rachel Rawlinson

Listen to Rachel play her gorgeous Blueberry Floral dreadnought guitar. More beautiful songs from this great singer on her YouTube channel

Dan Bass

Here is gospel musician Dan Bass with his gorgeous custom Blueberry "Patriot" guitar. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo.

Karl Wolf

Here is "a triple threat of talent", Karl Wolf, performing Ghetto Love - the amazing Clifford Schwartz is playing a Blueberry guitar in this terrific unplugged version of the song. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Iain Weigert

Watch Iain Weigert play Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough on his Blueberry Rosewood top guitar. Thanks Iain - great song and great playing! (click on the thumbnail to watch)

President's New Guitar

We are highly honored to show this photo of the president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, with his new custom Blueberry guitar personally brought to him by our head luthier, Wayan Tuges. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is a musician who has recorded 3 albums. Click on the picture to see the photos!

Split-top Blueberry in Action

Watch John play "Those Who Wait", a beautiful acoustic instrumental piece by Australian guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, on a Blueberry Split-top Grand Concert guitar. Click here to watch!

Devine Lie - Take the Knife

Devine Lie just released a music video to their latest track, Take the Knife. This fantastic video features the band's guitarist, Nigel Nicholls, playing his cherished Blueberry "Fierro" guitar. Watch now!

Apollon Music in Japan

To all our Japanese customers: Apollon Music, our dealer in Japan, now carries a selection of acoustic and electric Blueberry guitars. For more information and prices, please visit their online store at this link.

June Lucky Draw

Danny announces the winner of the June Lucky Draw, soon an owner of the "Floral" Hand-Carved Guitar Stand! Click on the picture to watch. Enter our draw for your chance to win!

Tory Roucaud

Here is Tory Roucaud, a very gifted French-Irish singer and songwriter, pictured in the heart of Paris with a Blueberry parlor guitar. To find out more about this talented artist and listen to the tracks from her debut album "Mosaic", please visit this website.

Dale Boyle

Dale Boyle is a Montreal-based award winning singer and songwriter. He is also the founder of Song Routes, an online magazine that explores the art of songwriting. For more information, visit www.DaleBoyle.com

Rick Monroe on Tour

See the photos of Rick Monroe on the Jagermeister tour with his unique Blueberry Jagermeister Groove guitar.

Lucky Draw #2

Danny announces the winner of the second Lucky Draw on Facebook.

Greg Martin

Watch Greg play his original song "Delilah" in the studio on a Blueberry Classical guitar. To hear Greg Martin's other records, visit his website.

Hip Kitty

Here is Mike Goncalves of the band "Hip Kitty" and his Blueberry guitar. For more information about this great band, please visit their website.
Their latest track, "The Last Dance", was recorded with Mike's Blueberry:

1st Lucky Draw Winner

Congratulations to Merwin Dooley, the first winner of our Lucky Draw! Watch Danny draw his name on Facebook. We hold drawings monthly.

Join up for your chance to win a free Blueberry Hand-Carved Stand!

Chris Simmons

Youtuber Chris Simmons plays his new tune "Pretty As You" on a Blueberry Grim Reaper guitar. Check out that groovy hat!

1st Lottery Winner

Here is a photo of our contest winner, Jayden Friesen, who is now a happy owner of a new Blueberry Groove guitar. Congratulations, Jayden!

Bali Expat Interview

New interview with Danny Fonfeder posted on Bali Expat - read here.

Blueberry on NTD Television

In this short footage about the origin of Blueberry Guitars, Master carver Wayan Tuges and local musician Wayan Balawan are interviewed by NTD Television. Click on the thumbnail to watch the video on Youtube.

Shari gets a New Blueberry

Watch Blueberry player Shari Zeck react to the arrival of her newest Blueberry Guitar. Click on the thumbnail to see the video.

Lottery Winner Announced

Watch Danny announce the winner of the 1st guitar lottery on Facebook.

Gwynneth Lewis

Here is Gwynneth Lewis (87 years and still rocking!) of Acrefair in North Wales with a Blueberry guitar. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

Benji Schlesinger

Here is Blueberry Player Benji Schlesinger with his Blueberry Dreadnought Tribal Warrior guitar. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

ReTune Nashville Night stand

See how Nashville artist Carson Gream turned a Blueberry Lion acoustic guitar into a unique piece of art furniture - view the photos. This original night table will be auctioned at Retune Nashville on January 1st, 2011.

Golden Earring

Here is George Kooymans of the legendary Dutch band Golden Earring playing a Blueberry electric guitar in our Balinese workshop. Watch George playing "Radar Love" live by going to this link.

Alan Ribner on Youtube

Here is Alan Ribner, playing his original song, Challenged Little Sparrow on his new Blueberry Guitar. Click on the photo to see the video.

Charlotte Medley

Here is country music star Charlotte Medley performing "Something Good" on her Blueberry Grand Concert Guitar, click on the right to watch. To hear more about this talented performer, please visit her Myspace.

Scott Lee Mitchel

Here is Scott Lee Mitchell of Scott Lee Mitchell & The Halos playing a Blueberry Jumbo acoustic guitar on the O'Regans stage in May.

Visit the following link to listen to this great band and learn more about them: http://www.myspace.com/scottmitchellmusik

Win a Free Blueberry Guitar

On December 31st, 2010, Blueberry Guitars will be holding a draw to win a free guitar to one lucky person who registers for the lottery. Enter for your chance to win a free Blueberry!

Blueberry Electric Guitar Project

From the the day we started Blueberry guitars, in 2005, the goal of our company was to offer best sounding and most beautiful guitars in the world. After more than two years of development, our much anticipated electric guitar project is finally coming into light! While for acoustic guitars the luthiers skill is of the utmost importance, for electric guitars of equal importance is the selection of the finest quality electronics.

After a long search, we have chosen Langcaster pickups from New Zealand to be used in our new Blueberry Electric guitars. The Langcaster pickup system was designed by Dutch luthier and electronics genius, Mr. Joh Lang, who was introduced to us by of of our first Blueberry customer, Ms. Leslie K. of Texas. We thank Leslie very much for the introduction. There are many reviews of the extremely high quality Langcaster pickup system all over the internet. For more information about Langcaster pickup system, visit the Langcaster home page.

Josh Niehaus

Josh Niehaus performs his song, "St. Louis Revival" on his Blueberry Bulldog grand concert guitar.

Rick Monroe

Rick Monroe playing a Blueberry Groove on tour drops in for a visit
on Showcase Minnesota in Minneapolis St. Paul.

Devine Lie

Nigel, the guitarist from Devine Lie, plays Blueberry guitars. Visit www.devinelie.com

Kenny Suss

Listen to Montreal Musician Kenny Suss playing his original Psychedelic Orchestral Folk songs recorded with his Blueberry guitar: http://www.myspace.com/kennysussmusic

Jim ScanlanFierro Parlor guitar

This is Blueberry customer Jim Scanlan with his new Blueberry Fierro Parlor guitar - listen to Jim playing it:

luthiers workshopDragons

Paul Hill in England liked his Dragon Guitar so much that he had the Dragon tattoo put on his back. View pictures.

luthiers workshopGuitarBench.com - Blueberry Factory Tour

View a photo tour of the Blueberry Guitars luthiers workshop at GuitarBench.com

Dan BassDan Bass

Here is Gospel Musician Dan Bass with his custom made “Holy Spirit” Blueberry Guitar.

Play VideoWayan Balawan

Watch Wayan Balawan, international Balinese Guitar virtuoso, play his custom made Blueberry Double Neck guitar in his new video.

Ed GiecekEd Giecek

Here is Water Color and Collage Artist Ed Giecek with his new Blueberry “Star of David” guitar - click here or here to learn more about Ed Giecek.

Dave “DOGHOUSE” DoreDave “Doghouse” Dore

This is British blues guitarist Dave “Doghouse” Dore with his new Blueberry Grand Concert Dragon guitar - see Dave play some Blues.

Kevin CharlesRick Monroe's Jagermeister Groove Guitar

Rick Monroe is now on a 30 city tour with his special Jagermeister Groove Guitar. View some pictures of Rick on tour...

Announcing: Blueberry Guitars Monthly Auctions

ebayBeginning on January 15th 2009, Blueberry guitars will be selling 15 of our finest hand-made and hand-carved guitars each month on eBay auctions. Each guitar will be online for viewing for 10 days, will have a starting price of 1$ and will be sold to the highest bidder.

Kevin CharlesKevin Charles endorses Blueberry Guitars

Kevin Charles of the Band Copperhead Creek endorses Blueberry Guitars. View video of Kevin Charles...

Rob Lutes - Truth & FictionRob Lutes uses a Blueberry on new album

Canadian Recording artist uses a custom built Blueberry Guitar on his new album "Truth & Fiction". Rob says "These guitars look fantastic and sound even better." Listen the the album...

October E-newsletter

The October edition of 'Blueberry Jam', the e-newsletter of Blueberry Guitars has been posted. Read Blueberry Jam...

Groove GuitarGet into The Groove and join the Blueberry Revolution

Blueberry Guitars announces the launch of the new “GROOVE” model; A guitar with unprecedented resonance and true tone. Learn more...

Summer NAMM 2008 - Blueberry hits with the artists:

  • Little Texas - America's Favorite Rockin' Country Band - read
  • Blueberry Guitars Profiled By Premier Guitar - read
  • Winner In The American Idol 'Can You Duet' Contest - read
  • John Szetla and Rick Monroe at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville - read
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What people are saying

The guitar literally just sings, great bass response, ringing trebles and a nice even balance across the strings. Very bright and clear and light as a feather. I am favorably impressed with the tone and intonation (which is as perfect as I've seen) of any instrument. This guitar also has great sustain. This guitar can play it all? the blues, jazz, country? Very versatile and responsive. It really has a "right now" kind of response to it and the midrange is very percussive sounding.
~ Texas 

Blueberry Guitars

Blueberry guitars is the inspiration of Montreal businessman and musician Danny Fonfeder who conceived the idea to marry outstanding craftsmanship to extraordinary art. American luthier and educator, George Morris, and Balinese woodcarver, Wayan Tuges, bring together two great craft traditions, combining the best of Western technology and expertise, with the best woodcarvers in the world.

Each guitar is handmade and unique in detail and materials. Each is a work of art worthy of the finest musicians. A special group of craftsmen add their exceptional skills to every guitar before it is tested and judged ready to be called a Blueberry Instrument. Blueberry Guitars embody a marriage of East and West. They celebrate the joining of mind and spirit, functionality and artful reverence. Each instrument will be a great musical inspiration and serve as a constant reminder of what artists can achieve. No two are alike. All meet the exacting standards demanded by great musicianship and art connoisseurs.

The unique fingerprint of the artist that appears on each guitar, half on and half off the label will become synonymous with our instruments. We trust that you will hear the difference with the very first note played and experience for yourself the new possibilities that await your talent. Visit our online store to learn more