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Blueberry currently offers three styles of guitars.

The Dreadnought

This is our largest, deepest instrument, just right for the flat-picking singer/songwriter, or bluegrass musician. Powerful, with a sonorous, crisp bass and clear, ringing trebles, it matches the intensity of the banjo and fiddle player, and its dynamic range perfectly complements vocal accompaniment. Most large, deep guitars tend to muddy the sound, at the expense of clear bass notes, and a clear definition overall. We think you will find that this is not the case with the Blueberry dreadnought. Notes are powerful but clear, with crispness throughout the tonal range, and balance across the board.

Scale length: 25 1/2" 648mm
# of frets: 20
Width lower bout: 15 3⁄4" 40cm
Upper bout: 11 3⁄4" 29.8cm
Body length: 20" 50.8cm
Body depth at heel: 4 1⁄2" 11.5cm
At butt: 5" 12.7cm
Total length: 42" 106.7cm
Nut width: 1 3/4" - 44.5 mm
String-spread at saddle: 2 1⁄4" 56mm

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The Grand Concert

This is a finger-picker's instrument. The smaller, shallower body is lighter on its feet, and quicker to respond to the subtlest nuance. It is bright and clear, and the greater separation of tones gives the finger-stylist a wider range of expression. No lack of power here, however. The light, rounded body pumps sound very efficiently. And the deep waist stabilizes the instrument when played sitting down. This is a very nimble and expressive guitar worthy of the finest finger technique.

Scale length: 25.5" 648mm
# of frets: 20
Width of lower bout: 15 3/8" 39cm
Upper bout: 111/2" 29.3cm
Body length: 19 11/16" 50cm
Body depth at heel: 3 7/8" 9.8cm
At butt: 4 1⁄4" 10.8cm
Total length: 41" 104cm
Nut width: 1 3/4" - 44.5 mm
String-spread at saddle: 2 1⁄4" 56mm

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The Classical

The Blueberry classical guitar is built for even response throughout the tonal range.  It is not 'bass heavy' as are most. The slightly arched matrix bracing allows for a very light, but strong and stiff top.  The sound is powerful, clean and fast on the attack, yet well rounded, and capable of great subtlety.

Scale length: 650mm
# of frets: 19
Width lower bout: 14 3⁄4" 37.5cm
Upper bout: 11" 28.1cm
Body length: 19 5/8" 49.9cm
Total length: 40" 101.6cm
Body depth at heel: 3 3⁄4" 9.5cm
at butt: 4 1⁄4" 10.8cm
Nut width 2 1/8" 54mm
String-spread at saddle: 2 3/8 60mm

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I got the guitars today. They sound incredible. I cannot believe the volume. In all fairness your guitar is worth more than you are marketing it for.
~North Carolina