Caring for your Blueberry Guitar

Your Blueberry guitar is made to last, but it must be properly cared for and handled with respect.  It should be kept clean and in its case at all times when not in use, to protect it from accident and exposure to humidity extremes.

The Finish

The finish is very durable and will never crack, peal, chip, craze, or blister. To preserve its rich appearance we recommend the occasional use of Gibson's Guitar Polish, as it will clean and shine the finish without depositing any waxes.  Waxes will build up in the carvings, darken with age, and trap harmful gases.  Do not use any water-based cleaners, acetone, or lacquer thinners to clean the instrument. The fret board can be cleaned with mineral spirits (paint-thinner) sparingly applied to a soft cloth.  Apply lemon oil, or special fingerboard oil, to the freeboard after cleaning to keep it fed, and looking its best.


It is very important that the guitar avoid abusive handling and extreme environments.  By this we mean that the greatest threat to the instrument's integrity, besides being dropped or stepped on, is exposure to very high or, worse, very low humidity environments. About 50% relative humidity is ideal, and 40 to 60%, is easily tolerated. Extreme low humidity, below 40%, presents the most serious threat to this or any instrument.  The wood of the guitar will shrink as it dries out and eventually crack if allowed to remain in very dry places; the desert, heated homes in winter, next to a heater, etc.

Attention, and common sense should rule here, and fortunately, there is a simple test to determine the comfort level of your guitar. Simply sight across the top or back of the instrument to examine its contour.  Ideally, the surface of either the top or back will appear slightly domed or convex, the centre being a bit higher than the edge. If it is not convex, if it is flat or, worse, concave, your guitar is drying out and needs water.  Put your instrument in its case along with the guitar humidifier to replenish the lost moisture, and check regularly to insure it is happy in its home.

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