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Blueberry came into fruition through an idea conceived by Danny Fonfeder during his travels to Asia. Danny realized the extraordinary possibilities of combining the special carving abilities of the Balinese with an instrument maker of renown. He approached long-time luthier George Morris about the idea, and George immediately saw the possibilities. The final ingredient in this equation was the revered Balinese woodcarver, Wayan Tuges. Their decision to combine their knowledge and expertise has made possible the existence of guitars with uncompromised beauty and sound.

Morris has been a respected teacher in the craft of making stringed instruments for over twenty-five years. He brings with him the experience and innovation that ensures Blueberry guitars are second to none as musical instruments. In turn, Tuges, world-acclaimed for his inspirational woodcarvings, contributes his artistic vision and breathes life into each guitar. On completion, each Blueberry is a work of exceptional brilliance.

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Incredible guitar. Would expect to pay 3 times as much! Thank You!!!