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The best quality woods have been sourced throughout the world to be used at our workshops. African ebony, spruce, sycamore, East Indian rosewood, Maccagar ebony and maple have each been selected for their exceptional quality towards the final sound. The thin, hard finish that we use on our woods, very similar to French polish, but without the danger of softening or alcohol damage, never dampens the sound with too much weight. It won’t crack, peel or chip and is especially wear resistant.

Playability is a major consideration when designing each guitar. All Blueberry fretboards are wood-bound so the feel of the neck is always smooth and free of sharp frets. Hardwood laminates stiffen the neck, adding to the instrument’s ability to hold its tune. Set-up and intonation are always designed for playing ease and perfect tuning. With such forethought and consideration throughout the process, Blueberry is confident to satisfy even those that demand perfection.

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Incredible guitar. Would expect to pay 3 times as much! Thank You!!!