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Blueberry Guitars announces the launch of the new “GROOVE” model; A guitar with unprecedented resonance and true tone.

The NEW hand made, Blueberry Groove Guitar (patent pending) is a remarkable leap forward in guitar design and construction. Blueberry Guitars, noted for its extraordinary hand made hand carved guitars, has developed the ‘Groove” concept with hundreds of hand carved grooves on the top and back delivering extraordinary volume, clarity and lightness.

The intricate and smooth hand carved Grooves on the back of the neck at frets 3-5-7-9 serve as an intimate guide to the fret board.

The sound is nothing short of spectacular.

Blueberry is planning an extensive advertising in major guitar magazines over the next 12 months.

Delivery to dealers is scheduled to begin in August 2008

Available models will include a Dreadnought, Grand Concert and Classical guitar. 

To order: Call 1-514-333-3390 or email us at info(at)

Groove guitar - back

Groove guitar - front

Groove guitar - head

Groove guitar - neck

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What people are saying

If it hard to compare this guitar to another brand. It is so unique in sound and beauty - there is nothing to compare it to!
~ Ebay Customer